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The film clips we are developing are taken from movies that address environmental health issues and feature well-known actors. We are seeking permission from the distributors of these films to stream the clips directly on line. In the meantime, we have identified timecodes for the clips of interest so that you may purchase or check out the film and view the relevant segments with your classroom or organization.

Facilitator’s Guide to download

This Facilitator’s Guide will help teachers and facilitators plan the viewing and discussion for the film triggers. It provides questions to ask after the performance. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the file.

Selected Film Clips


Film - An Enemy of the PeopleTopic: Discovering an Environmental Hazard

Film: An Enemy of the People 


Griffiths, D. (Producer), & O’Brien, J. (Director).  (1990).  Available from Monterey Movie Company.


Background: Thomas Stockmann is the doctor of a town in Maine and the scientist at Clearwater Springs, a new health spa built in the town.  In Clearwater Springs’ first year, a number of visitors became ill for no obvious reason, so Dr. Stockmann decided to investigate the source of the illnesses.

The Clip: Dr. Stockmann receives the results of water testing from a lab.  Watch when the owner of the spa confronts the doctor about the test results and tries to convince him to abandon his ethics and reinterpret the data.

Timecodes: 0:13:00 – 0:16:30 and 1:24:00 – 1:26:00

Total time: 5 minutes, 30 seconds


Film - Erin Brockovich

Topic: Representing the Community

Film: Erin Brockovich 


DeVito, D., Shamberg, M., & Sher, S. (Producers), & Soderbergh, S. (Director).  (2000).  Available from Universal Pictures.


Background: Erin is working for a law firm as a filing clerk and discovers medical information in some of the files.  She suspects that the health problems in Hinkley could be caused by contaminants coming from PG&E.  Erin speaks to a researcher and looks at the water records of the town, then speaks with resident Donna Jensen about the contamination.

The Clip: The PG&E attorneys present their own ideas about the contamination in a meeting with Erin and her boss. Watch how attorneys use information to prove liability and how that specific use of evidence may not represent the community’s lived experience.

Timecodes: 0:31:30 – 0:33:00 and 0:48:00 – 0:52:30

Total time: 6 minutes

  • Learn more about the environmental health hazards in Hinkley.


Film - A Civil ActionTopic: The Costs and Benefits of Research 

Film: A Civil Action


Rudin, S., Redford, R., & Pfeffer, R. (Producers), & Zaillian, S. (Director).  (1998).  Available from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.


Background: Jan Schlictman and his small law firm have agreed to take on an environmental health case in Woburn, Massachusetts.  Two local factories are believed to have contaminated the town’s water supply, leading to high morbidity and mortality rates, especially among children.  Research must be conducted to prove the factories are responsible.

The Clip: Watch one attorney risk financial bankruptcy trying to obtain the scientific evidence needed to win a community’s lawsuit against a corporate giant. How can attorneys balance the ethical need to represent clients with the financial realities of litigation?

Timecodes: 0:23:46 – 0:24:32 and 0:39:36 – 0:41:26 and 0:49:05 – 0:49:58

Total time: 3 minutes, 29 seconds

  • Learn more by reading explanations of the trial arguments.
  • Learn more by reading the counterargument from W.R. Grace & Company (the defendant at the trial).


Film - An Enemy of the PeopleTopic: Politics of Research

Film: An Enemy of the People 


Griffiths, D. (Producer), & O’Brien, J. (Director).  (1990).  Available from Monterey Movie Company.


Background: Dr. Stockmann’s discovery of contaminated water at the town springs was at first enthusiastically received by the editors of the Riverton Daily Progressive, the town’s newspaper.  But the mayor, director of the springs, and brother of the doctor, does not want the results of the research published.

The Clip: Dr. Stockmann holds a town meeting one night and intends to inform the townspeople of the dangers of the springs.  By then, the community members have heard the mayor’s interpretation of the research, but not the doctor’s.  Watch as the community makes decisions about what information to consider when making decisions about their health and economy.

Timecodes: 0:52:00 – 0:55:00 and 0:58:00 – 1:00:00 and 1:02:00 – 1:04:30

Total time: 7 minutes, 30 seconds

Note: Total time length may be slightly longer than that listed in the facilitation guide in order to simplify timecodes.