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Learning about Environmental Issues

LandfillCommunity residents, students and professionals can benefit from learning more about environmental health issues.

We will be developing brief summaries of published research on environmental issues. You will soon be able to download these summaries and link to other websites for more information.

The research that we summarize must be published in a “peer-review” journal. This means that the manuscript about the research was read and reviewed by other scientists to ensure that only rigorous scientific investigations are being published in those journals.

We will primarily summarize research from UNC Chapel Hill, but will eventually include other peer-reviewed, published research. Our easy-to-read summaries can be shared with your community, students and colleagues.

Types of Environmental Issues

Most of these pages are under development. In the meantime, some pages guide you further to the research summaries and the community stories about these issues.

The following issues are about the effects of waste and how it is managed. These pages will provide links to information about waste involving solid, liquid and gaseous substances. Some of the information provided will be brief, easy-to-read summaries of published research.

The following issues are about how cities, counties, and even states plan for the development of their land, and provide services to citizens. The effects of those decisions can impact health and social equity.