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Information and links about this issue are Under Construction, however you can read about published research on the topic.

Brief Research Summaries

Race, Poverty, and Hog Facilities in North Carolina: Researchers looked at more than 200 schools in North Carolina to determine if confined swine feeding operations (“hog farms”) and odors from these facilities disproportionately affected low income students or students at mostly-non-white schools. Read about this issue on-screen, or download the PDF.

Adolescent Asthma Symptoms and Industrial Hog Facilities: Researchers looked at more than 50,000 students at more than 250 schools in North Carolina to determine if wheezing was greater among students at schools where odors could be smelled from nearby confined swine feeding operations (“hog farms”). Read about this issue on-screen, or download the PDF.

Related Materials

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Environmental Defense has posted information related to the search for cleaner technologies for waste disposal.

The North Carolina Pork Council provides a summary of the rules and regulations that apply to hog farmers in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Environmental Justice Network has produced a 14-minute video on the issue of hog waste in eastern NC communities.