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Pender County
Pender County

Maple Hill is a small, unincorporated town in rural Pender County, a coastal county in southeastern North Carolina.  Maple Hill is home to 2,500 people and has a median household income of just over $30,000.  The population of the town is 52% White and 46% Black.

Most of the families in Maple Hill have lived in the community for generations, and many of the Black residents are descendants of freed slaves who came to live in the area after Emancipation. Living in a primarily rural area, many residents keep livestock as a means of livelihood, and the community still relies on well water and septic tanks.

Profile of Maple Hill compared to North Carolina (2000 data for NC; 2005 data for Maple Hill)

Maple Hill
North Carolina
% people of color
Median income


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