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Maple Hill - resident on porch

Development on wetlands areas in Eastern North Carolina, such as the construction of an interstate highway through Pender County in 1991, appears to have contributed to more severe flooding in recent years. To decrease future flooding, North Carolina has passed legislation to protect wetlands. Additionally, in order to reduce the environmental impacts of future flooding, the North Carolina legislature set aside $5.7 million to buy out hog farmers in flood-prone areas.

While these measures may alleviate future flooding, the impacts of the flooding after Hurricane Floyd are still being felt. Maple Hill community residents and local chapters of organizations like NC Fair Share continue to attend county commissioner meetings and to advocate alongside other communities for changes in national policy that will protect vulnerable communities. As community member Cindy Moore said, “We have heard that Hurricane Floyd is now part of history, that they are closing the book on it. But in our community, people are still suffering, still living with it.”


“Our home is not by any means back to what it was. And it really has affected us, mentally, emotionally, and physically too, because I had never had any problems with allergies or respiratory problems, but both of us have them now.”

– Community Member


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