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This website is meant to increase awareness of environmental health issues and promote dialogue for action. It can be a learning tool for teachers and students, communities, and professionals who are working to address different aspects of environmental health concerns. Such professionals include researchers, government officials, and attorneys.

Use the Navigation Bar to learn about specific environmental issues, read stories from North Carolina communities, or download various materials for using dramatic skits and film clips as fun, educational experiences that promote dialogue. Many of the materials can be read on your computer screen, but we will also provide the option to download a PDF version that you can print and keep.

Use the links on the left to proceed to our suggestions for teachers, community groups, professionals (such as researchers, government officials, and attorneys), and students.

What can we offer?

Free materials that anyone can use to learn more, educate others, and build dialogue! As we develop new materials, we will place them on this website.

For example, high school teachers can download our film clips with a discussion guide to engage their students in conversations about the range of effects a community may suffer from an environmental hazard. Community groups can use the Reader’s Theater scripts to hold a staged reading of a short play (kind of like a 15 minute skit) that provides the community with a story that may be similar to their own. Discussion questions are included that help the community members begin exploring the causes, results, and possible future actions they could take related to the hazard. Communities and professionals can read community case stories that tell the history of each community’s struggle with an environmental hazard and what they did to try to prevent the negative health effects. Professionals who are working with communities can download brief summaries of the peer-reviewed, published research on environmental health issues.

All of these educational materials will be available for free download only for non-commercial use.

We will be releasing these materials over the coming months. If you would like to be added to our listserv and informed about newly released materials, send us an email and let us know. Your comments and suggestions are also valuable to us as we plan future materials and revise current ones.

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