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In the 1980s, Carolina Solite Corporation (Solite) began incinerating hazardous waste in Aquadale, NC. In the years that followed, the company exceeded federal and state regulations for air, water, and soil standards numerous times. Local residents believe that emissions from the plant are associated with health problems they have experienced; however, these suspicions have not been confirmed. Concerned citizens formed a grassroots organization to pressure state and federal authorities to enforce regulations governing Solite’s waste incineration. In 2000, Solite agreed to use alternative fuel sources.

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“This experience has taught me that you have to pay attention . . . to everything in your community . . . to what’s coming in and what companies are doing.

“You can’t expect them to naturally do what’s right or good. You can’t sit back and expect others to protect your community. You have to do it.”

– Community Member


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