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  1. What is the environmental hazard that is showcased in this community? In your own words, describe the events which led to the environmental concern.
  2. Provide at least two reasons that you think state officials chose Warren County for the site of the dump.
  3. What is the chemical that is cause for concern in this scenario? Describe the chemical and the reasons why people might be concerned to find it in their community.
  4. What actual health issues did the community of Afton experience as a result of exposure to the chemical?
  5. After considering several options for waste disposal, how did state officials decide to handle the waste? Why did state officials choose this method?
  6. Why did the NAACP lawsuit claim that the state had chosen Warren County for the landfill site?
  7. How did the local community respond to the siting and construction of the landfill?
  8. In 1994 community residents demanded a complete cleanup of the site. How did the Governor respond to this demand?
  9. If you had been living in Afton, would you have been concerned? Why or why not?
  10. How would you have acted differently if you had been living in Afton?


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